Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hurry (And I Do Mean HURRY!) In Before Our 'MAYAN Christmas' Special Ends!

Are you "dreaming" of a MAYAN Christmas?

You know.  "Just like the ones I used to..."  No? 

Me, either.

But a lot of people are having nightmares about the Mayan calendar!

Last year it was the doomsayers predicting May 2011 (and then October 2011) as the LAST of the last days.

This year it's more doomsayers predicting THIS MONTH (December) as the final, catastrophic END of the world as we know it.

Fortunately, we at ARIZONA STORAGE INNS-CHANDLER--located safely and securely within the confines of our sprawling, palatial self-storage compound here on Warner Road just east of Arizona Avenue--know enough about Mayan timekeeping to be fully persuaded that, despite what Jim Morrison and the Doors sang (some 45 years ago),...

This is NOT the end!

But we're not taking any chances.  We're moving full-speed ahead with our once-in-a-lifetime MAYAN CHRISTMAS Special.  From now until Dec. 21st (and possibly after that), we're prepared to offer you a FREE LOCK, NO administration fee and ONE FULL MONTH of FREE rent when you come in and rent a self-storage unit or RV space and pay for your first month. (Don't worry.  All of our storage rentals are always on a month-to-month basis, because, well, you never know...)  Only a couple of exceptions to this sizzlin', scorchin', smokin' hot, end-of-everything deal: mainly 20 x 20 and larger units, otherwise,...

Such a deal!  We get to collect one full month of rent from you right up-front (just in case), and you (most likely) will get to enjoy TWO full months of ground-level, drive-up-access, non-climate-controlled, all-natural "outdoor" storage space for the price of ONE.

In the industry this is known as a WIN-WIN!

So whatever happens, you're covered and we're covered.

(Speaking of "covered", don't forget that we now require tenant insurance for all enclosed units at all of our ARIZONA STORAGE INNS stores around the Valley--either your own policy or else the one that we provide for you through Bader Insurance.  Just so you know.  Although I'm not sure that it covers damage resulting from the end of the world!)

Now, all of this Mesoamerican hullabaloo is wrapped up in the context of that familiar upcoming holiday which most of the world will be celebrating (tentatively, barring any foreseen circumstances) come Dec. 25th . . . CHRISTMAS!  And, we certainly would not want to leave out any of those cautiously (some would say, overly) optimistic folks--the non-New-Agers and non-Mayan-calendar disbelievers--the 2012 TRUTHERS!

That's why we're calling this our "Mayan Christmas" special.  You get the best of BOTH worlds (which might actually be NO worlds in about ten days!).

So, if you are one of those folks who is anxiously awaiting and expecting something REALLY BIG to happen come Dec. 21st, my advice to you would be, . .

First, try to see the "lighter side" and humor in all of this hysteria by going here and buying one of these.

Second, put all of your stuff in storage... RIGHT NOW!  Because, you know, once that First Day of Winter rolls around, things could get pretty hot around here!

But, regardless of whichever 2012 "bucket" you put yourself in, remember, as a highly-trained professional and self-storage advisor and counselor, I'm here for you, whether you're a 2012 optimist or pessimist!

That's all.  Have to go now.  The clock is ticking.  Time is of the essence!

Your 'What-Me-Worry'-This-is-Just-the-Beginning-You-Ain't-Seen-Nothin-Yet Manager,


297 East Warner Road
Chandler, Arizona 85225
(480) 899-1179